Colloquium 2991: Literatures of the 21st Century



Schedule of Assignments

Reader Response Report 1

Reader Response Report 2

Reader Response Report 3

Reader Response Report 4

Reader Response Report 5

Reader Response Report 6

Reader Response Report 7

Final Paper


Links to online class materials:

Blogs of interest

An interesting video on the evolution of digital text

Read Geoff Ryman’s hypertext novel, 253

Our contributions to 253, The Sequel

Wired magazine’s six word stories

Neil Gaiman on authors auctioning content in their work

Bruce Sterling’s “Slipstream Manifesto” from SF Eye

Read the online literary magazine Spork

Read the online literary magazine Forklift, Ohio

Susan Orlean’s article in The New Yorker, “Orchid Fever

Look at some orchids

The 2003 State of the Union Speech

The 2002 National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iraq

Key judgments from the NIE

Declaration of War against the Americans Occupying the Land of the Two Holy Places.” Osama bin Ladin’s August 1996 fatwa published in Al Quds Al Arabi

Freedom from Tyranny and Fear.” Presidential Address, Sept. 20, 2001

The National Security Council

The 9/11 Commission (the text is also available from the Government Printing Office here)

NSC 68

Read Orson Scott Card’s short story, “Ender’s Game” (from Analog, August 1977), the inspiration for Doctorow’s “Anda’s Game”

World of Warcraft

Artwork for Oates’s “The Cousins”