COLQ 2991


Reader Report 1: Persepolis


††††††††††† In between two and four fully developed paragraphs, discuss how Marjane Satrapiís graphic novel, Persepolis, resembles and differs from other comics, cartoons, or graphic novels you have read. Give precise examples and discuss specific scenes from Satrapiís text as need be.



Due at the beginning of our next class meeting (Tuesday, Jan. 16)





  • Type your name, the number of words in your report, and your class number and time on the top-right-hand side of your first page.
  • You must write a minimum of two fully-developed paragraphs and 300 words and a maximum of four fully-developed paragraphs and 600 words.
  • Your essay must be written in Standard American English, making use of proper grammar, diction, and spelling.
  • Type your essay with double spacing and 1Ē margins; use 12 pt. Times font and left justify your body paragraphs.