The word blog is derived from the term “web log,” but it has since come to be both a noun (blog) and a verb (to blog).


There are currently over 60 million blogs in the world. The challenge is to find one that is active, original, and of interest to you.


Blogging is a new kind of online self-publishing that allows people to make private journal-style musings very public (to anyone with an Internet connection who can read your language), to post opinion and editorial pieces of writing, and to spread news and other information. Blogs also allow people to link their own thoughts to material on the World Wide Web through the insertion of hyperlinks into their text.


There are two kinds of blogs: authored and aggregated. Authored blogs are composed by individuals on a host of topics. Aggregated blogs are collections of copied articles and links to interesting sites on the net.


Many blogs are multi-media documents that contain text, images, and even animations. Many blogs are also interactive as they allow readers to post response comments.


Blogs can be created on websites such as,,, and


Wikipedia (a “wiki” is a website that allows users to post and edit content) contains an informative history of blogging.


Here are some indexes to blogs:


Political commentary:


Personal blogs:


Science blogs:


60 million global blogs: or

I also surveyed my friends, associates, and colleagues on their favorite blogs. What follows are some of their recommendations. Some of these blogs are very serious; some are chatty and slight; and some are very risqué, saucy, provocative, uncensored and downright rude and should be read by adults only.  In the spirit of blogging, I have reproduced these comments largely unedited:


For starters, here is the blog that Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau set up for soldiers serving in Iraq:

(and here is how Trudeau satirizes blogging in his comic strip: )


I'm actually a fan of don to earth:  It's an editorial blog written by a 92 (?) year old. The author writes the entries by hand each day and snail mails them to his daughter for her to type up.


For tech stuff my favorite blog would be  It started out as a in depth analysis of computer chips/technology and has now evolved into a community of writers discussing tech culture, new tech, and impacts of government policy.


Here are some more blogs:



Body modification:


Things to watch:




Art and such:


Bizarre and wonderful things:


Daily Dose of Imagery:


Random Commentary:


Academic Affairs:


Here are some academic blogs I wander to when I should be grading papers:  I can’t imagine anyone other than an academic would be interested in them, but you never know…

seems to be walking personification of david byrne’s question, “how did I get here?” I believe he coined the phrase, “Foucault plus lawn care”  regarding his new life as a neo-suburbanite and professor; I can relate.

a very funny, very angry woman some days she seems to be existing on pure bile which she does not hesitate to spew at academia, patriarchy, her students, her colleagues, her neighbors, the religious right and anyone else who gets in her way.  Delightful reading.

candid, occasionally quite funny.

also a refreshing look into another academic’s challenges and minor victories.

it’s a music blog. free downloads twice a day.


George RR Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire) calls his blog "Not a Blog". I think it's because he's already bothered enough by people asking him to finish the books, he doesn't want to be bothered with people saying he hasn't updated his blog. I'm pretty sure that was the stated reason. I imagine novelists aren't very good about updating their blogs regularly.


The agitator is one of the most intelligent, insightful, and well informed independent political bloggers on the net:


Kos, one of the most well-read liberal blogs on the net:


Excellent personal and political blog that became popular when the author kept his webhosting provider alive in the middle of Katrina: Two fabulously glamorous guys judging things harshly.  - Oddities about language, speech, etc.  2006 Word of the year?  plutoed - to pluto.. Pluto was plutoed.  -- "News"?  From the troupe that brought you Everything You Know Is Wrong and 50 Things You're Not Supposed to Know comes a search engine for current affairs, politics, etc... and a blog.  - Hyperpeople -- What happens after we're all connected?  Three-part essays on globotechnoloicization of the developed world and its sociological ramifications.  Modding your life for increased productivity.  This may very well be as far from literary as I can muster.


The following blogs are very provocative and may be considered extremely rude; however, they are also very popular. Read with caution.


One of my all-time favorites was "Confessions of a Porn Store Clerk", one that I don't know if you could get away with using -- but it might be good because it was written for a limited time and then abandoned, so it is of finite length.  I can't find the original (was late-90's I believe), but some dedicated soul has reposted it upon request here: p


Oh, and if you want to laugh and feel terrible for doing so:   It's not active anymore, but it's priceless.


I am just gonna go ahead and say, a blog about the crassest, foulest, worst man in the world.


“The misanthropic bitch” writes about whatever is pissing her off at the time, and is generally a wonderful thing:


Sexy stuff:


One more:

Ex stripper/pornstar/model turned author.  She's totally nuts and an excellent writer.




Also, check out Google Reader, the best RSS/blog reader I've found: