Reader Report 2: Another One Along in a Minute



Spend several hours today in class and over this weekend riding the London Underground with Geoff Ryman in his hypertext novel, 253<>. Explore the different cars. Find out who is riding them. Find out what happens to them at the end of the line.


Then, put yourself or a character of your own creation in the next train—for author Geoff Ryman has invited us to contribute to his forthcoming sequel.


For your second reader report, click on the “another one along in a minute” link in 253compose a 300-word (no more!) contribution to Ryman’s novel that follows the format of his passengers.  CC that email to me when you


Provide information on the following: your character’s outward appearance; their inside information; and what he or she is doing or thinking.  Follow the format Ryman uses in his novel.