COLQ 2991


Reader Report 6: More Adaptation


One of the qualities of 21st century literature is that its narratives proliferate through multiple media beyond those traditionally associated with literature. Narratives from books become narratives for video games that are then made into movies. What happens to those stories as they move from media to media? In this class we have had the distinctly 21st century experience of reading the same narrative in three different media and forms, starting with the written history of the 9/11 report and then viewing its graphic and filmic adaptations. For this assignment, answer the following question: do they tell the same story? Consider the unique properties that each media brings to the telling of this eventful story. Consider, too, the implications of these differences for our understanding of history. If we have three different stories about the same event, which should we trust as true?



Due at the beginning of our next class meeting (Tuesday, April 17)