Introduction to Psychology

Announcements:  The extra-credit opportunity is hyperlinked below.  It should be turned in to me by next Tuesday, February 27.  You may download it and write or type on it and bring me a print copy or answer it online and email it back to me.

Extra-credit Opportunity for Test 1.



Extra Credit: Those of you who have access to the Pearson MyPsychLab may complete up to 3 Chapter Exams or Study Plan Posttests for extra credit.  These will not be graded.  You must have 70% to get credit, which will be 10 points each added into your test total.  If you do not have lab access, but need extra credit, see me.

Calendar: The assignments were originally due on April 24 and 26.  Since I was delayed in getting you the specific instructions, you may turn in either or both as late as the last day of class (May 2).  Your Test 3 will be given on May 2 during regular class time.  Your final exam is scheduled for Wednesday, May 9 at 10:15 pm in your regular classroom.

Test 3

Lecture Slides

Chapter 9:  Motivation & Emotion

Chapter 11:  Stress & Health

Chapter 12:  Social Psychology

Study Guides

Chapter 9   Motivation & Emotion

Chapter 11 Stress & Health

Chapter 12 Social Psychology


Final Exam

Lecture Slides

Chapter 13:  Personality

Chapter 14:  Psychological Disorders

Chapter 15:  Therapies

(And questions selected from Tests 1-3)



Test 2

Lecture Slides

Chapter 4: Consciousness

Chapter 5:  Learning

Chapter 6 : Memory

Chapter 7:  Cognition

Test 1

Lecture Slides

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Study Guide for Test 1