No previous experience with Spanish required!

Spanish 1001 & 1002 -- Beginning Spanish
Spanish 2001 & 2002 -- Intermediate Spanish
Spanish 2201 & 2202 -- Spanish Conversation & Composition

You will take two of the courses above. You can combine them as needed. For example, if you've had only one semester of Spanish, you will take Spanish 1002 & 2001.

Students attend class 5 days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. You're allowed to miss a total of 4 hours, & most students use those hours for travel. Flying to other European cities is relatively cheap, & students have visited Venice, Rome, London, Milan, & Paris, using the 4 hours they're allowed to miss to make a long weekend. See the Barcelona Sights page for more information about travel.

Students will take a placement test at 8:30 on the first day of classes. Enforex, the language school, will place you according to how well you are prepared, not according to the course for which you are registered in the U.S. Regardless of placement, you'll receive credit for the courses for which tyou are registered, but placing lower than others registered for the same courses will make it more difficult for you to earn a high grade. You can progress to a higher level during the four weeks.

Typically, there are no tests or quizzes during the program. You'll be graded on your overall progress during the four weeks.

See the syllabus for additional information regarding grades & course requirements.

There will be two excursions each week to sites of interest. Typically, they will take place right after classes (with time for lunch). Excursions include walking tours of Modernist buildings (e.g., Casa Batllò, La Pedrera) & of Roman ruins, Sagrada Familia, & Güell Park, among others.

Students will live in the homes of Spanish families. Each student will share a bedroom with another student from this program. Each student will have a key & may come & go as he pleases. Families will provide breakfast, dinner, & once-a-week laundry service.

Students will live in various parts of the city & will inevitably take the bus or metro several times a day. Students need to purchase a T-Mes when they first go to the metro. The pass costs between $55 & $75 (depending on the value of the euro) & is good for a month's travel on the metro, trams, & buses.