English 1102: Literature and Research


Online Class taught via Brightspace by D2L


      Syllabus and Assignment Schedules for online class sections:


Schedule of Assignments


            Assignments for online class sections:

Writing Assignment 1: Essay 1: Critical Compare-and-Contrast

Writing Assignment 2: Essay 2: Scholarly Essay on Alien Contact

Writing Assignment 3: Project Proposal

Writing Assignment 4: Annotated Bibliography

Writing Assignment 5: Research Essay


            Grammar, Style and Citation Help:

                  The Purdue Online Writing Lab

             The Gordon State College Writing Handbook


Handouts and Tip Sheets:

                 Essays on Alien Intelligence

                 The Fermi Paradox

                 The Pioneer Golden Plaque

                 The Voyager Golden Record


Film Terms and Topics

How to Quote and Cite Sources in MLA Style

How to Cite Sources in APA Style

How to Paraphrase

How to Write Introductions

How to Write Conclusions

Paragraph Unity, Sentence Continuity, and Transitions

Annotated Unity, Continuity, and Transitions Worksheet

Research Project Overview

How to Identify Scholarly Sources

How to Write an MLA Works Cited page and an APA References Page

How to Request Books through GIL Express


Links of Interest for Stories of Your Life and Others:

The Tower of Babel (King James Version)

The Old (longer) Hebrew Story of the Tower of Babel

Magritte’s The Castle of the Pyrenees

Stendhal’s De l’amour (1822); the full text of On Love

Google Glass

Parental Internet Filters

The Film Rating System

Oliver Sacks’s The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

Samsung’s Beauty Face

Cosmopolitan’s article about Beauty Face


Sample Essays and Assignments for online class sections:

Sample Essay 2: Scholarly Interpretation and Sample Essay 2 Reverse Outline

Sample Proposal

Sample Annotated Bibliography

Sample Research Essay

Sample Revision (with cover page and underlined changes)


Library Orientation Handout

Interlibrary Loan Form

                 How to access your Gordon email account



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