Dr. Karen A. Guffey
Associate Professor of Spanish
Division of Humanities 

Office Telephone Number: (678) 359-5232
Division Telephone Number: (678) 359-5047
FAX Number: (678) 359-5140

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Study Spanish in Spain!         


Study Abroad in Barcelona


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Spanish 2001                               Spanish 2002 



                     Spanish 1001 ONLINE


                Verbs, verbs, and more verbs










How to make accent marks:


Make sure your number pad is locked and make accent marks using the number pad on the RIGHT,

not the numbers at the top.


Alt 130   é

Alt 160   á

Alt 161   í

Alt 162   ó

Alt 163   ú

Alt 164   ñ





      Click on the type of instruction you want—grammar, vocab, etc.  To find a quiz or test over a particular grammar item that   

      you can do for practice, click on “search this site” and type in “quiz” or “test.”  A list will come up, and you can look for the  

      grammar item you’re working on.



      Free vocabulary builder and verb drill.

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