EDUC 4600: Assessment in Middle and Secondary Education

Course Syllabus

EDUC 4600 syllabus

Teacher Interview

Interview documents

Weighted scoring rubric

Cooperative Assessment Portfolio

Master rating scale

EDUC 4600 MG PowerPoint Slides and Accompanying Learning Materials

Module 1: What Do Teachers Need to Know about Assessment?

Piagetian conservation tasks

Sample applied test question on theories embedded in assessment practices

Module 2: Appropriate and Inappropriate Test-Preparation Practices

Module 3: Deciding What to Assess

Bloom's planning sheet


Module 4: Fairness

Module 5: Making Sense Out of Standardized Test Scores

Normal distribution (bell-shaped curve)

Comparing standard deviations

Grade-equivalent scores

Module 6: Validity

Class activity: Examining the validity of commonly accepted claims

Representative sampling

Critical thinking skills (exemplifying construct validity)

Validity: Application & review exercise

Module 7: Reliability

Correlation coefficient

Standard error of measurement (SEM)

Reliability: Application & review exercise

Module 8: The Evaluation of Instruction & Assessment-Based Grading

Expanded format report card

Module 9: Understanding and Assessing Preteens and Teens

Kohlberg's stage theory of moral development

Likert rating scales (examples)

Module 10: Selected-Response Test Items

Multiple binary choice

Direct question vs. incomplete statement

Module 11: Constructed-Response Test Items

Holistic rubric

Analytic rubric

Weighted analytic rubric (1)

Weighted analytic rubric (2)

Selected vs. constructed response

Module 12: Performance and Portfolio Assessment

Mini-autobiographical narrative

Observational Diary

Life-narrative journal

Fictional case study

Real-life case study

Simple Venn diagram

Advanced Venn diagram

Scientific method

Water cycle


Concept mapping: Example & terms defined

Concept mapping: Sample grading scheme

Concept mapping: Training module

Thinking maps (1-4)

Thinking maps (5-8)

Analogy log

Repertory grid technique 

Module 13: Affective Assessment

Graphic rating scale

Multifocus affective inventory (example)