H1502 Powerpoint Lectures


These lectures are designed to aid your comprehension of your textbook reading. They are not a substitute for your textbook reading and class discussions and thus should not be solely relied upon to study for your exams.


The Legacy of Greece and Rome

The Early Renaissance

Chapter 13: The High Renaissance and Mannerism in Italy

Chapter 14: The High Renaissance in the Northern Europe and Spain

Chapter 15: The Seventeenth Century

Chapter 16: Cultural Centers of the Americas

Chapter 17:  South Asia, China, and Japan

Chapter 18: Africa

Chapter 19: The Eighteenth Century

The History of Ballet

Music 1: From the Ancient World to the Eighteenth Century

Chapter 20: Europe and America: 1800-1870

Music 2: Modern Music

Chapter 21: Toward the Modern Era: 1870 - 1914

A History of Early Cinema

Chapter 22: The World at War: 1914-1945

Chapter 23: The Contemporary Contour

Music 3: From the Modern to the Contemporary Era