Humanities 1502: Introduction to the Humanities from the Renaissance to Today


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Extra Credit Cultural Experience Report

Cultural Experience Report Worksheet

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Sample Cultural Experience Report Portfolio

Class Library Guide

Cultural Experience Report Library Guide

How to Write Bibliography Entries in MLA Style


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Links of Interest:

    Gordon State College Calendar (look here to find information on Gordon’s theater and music recital offerings)

Library Research Guide

Find numerous films about the arts and humanities through Films on Demand via Galileo

Find numerous works of literature through Literature Online via Galileo.

New Sounds: a show featuring new classical, electronic, avant garde, unusual and world music (click on show archive—down a ways on the right-hand side of the web page—to see a full listing of months with shows; there are over 3000 shows that you can listen to)

The American Film Institute’s list of the 100 Best Films of All Time

The Red-Hot Jazz Archive: a history of jazz before 1930, with historical essays and embedded real audio links

Project Gutenberg: over 20,000 free electronic books from the greatest writers in the world

Read new forms of online literature from the Electronic Literature Collection

Read Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Women (1792)

View thousands of vintage educational, advertising, industrial and amateur films at the Prelinger Archives

Listen to radio tales of the strange and fantastic

See a play at Atlanta’s famous Shakespeare Tavern (highly recommended!)

Visit the High Museum in Atlanta

Watch a Japanese noh play (the plot of "Tsunemasa": one day a priest holds a service for a young man (Tsunemasa) who died young. Tsunemasa loved writing poems and playing the biwa (a traditional Japanese guitar). The ghost of Tsunemasa appears and he plays the biwa and dances for a while. but suddenly he is distressed by hell's curse. He is ashamed being in trouble in hell and he doesn't want to show it, so he puts out a candle and disappears.)

Learn about the style and practice of noh theater.

Learn about fencing footwork

Learn about ballet footwork

Watch a segment from Wagner’s opera, The Valkyrie. Here is one with modern staging and subtitles from the Bayreuth Festival.

Here is a good version of Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo

Tour museums through the Google Art Project

Learn about the operatic singing style of bel canto

All the world’s major operas condensed into ten minutes (this is funny)

Read a classic work of American romanticism: Poe’s “The Pit and the Pendulum

Dogon dance

The meaning of ritual masks

Yeats reads his poem, The Second Coming

Advertisement for a classical opera, Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro

What Satyagraha looks like

Gandhi’s Salt March

Philip Glass’s Satyagraha (excerpt)

Here is a fun postmodernist exercise. An Italian artist has reimagined what the great paintings of the Renaissance masters would look like if they conformed to 21st century ideals of beauty.

The true colors of Ancient Greek art

How Ancient Greek statues really looked

Classical Renaissance sculptures dressed as hipsters

Dr. Strangelove clip 1 (no fighting), clip 2 (Strangelove), clip 3 (Kong riding the bomb)

Fred Astaire’s Shadow Dance from Swing Time (1936)

Picasso’s Maiden and the Minotaur series

More of Picasso’s Minotaur paintings and sketches

Philip Glass’s Einstein on the Beach in a sportswear commercial




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