American Literature I

Final Paper Assignment



Compose an original analysis of the work of one author in the Norton who we have not read as a class. Analyze one of the following: one or two short stories or essays; one novel, either in whole or excerpted; two or three short poems (less than one page); one or two long poems (more than one page); or one play.


Complete the following four steps in your assignment (the grade percentage of each step is noted in the parenthesis).


1. Introduce your author and summarize the work of literature you have read. (10%)


2. Based on your readings of the Norton introductions and our class discussions, categorize the work you have read. What movement/s does it belong to? (20%)


3. Compare-and-contrast the work you have read with the work of two other authors we have read this term. (30%)


4. Interpret the work you have read. What meaning do you get out of it? (30%)


Format requirements:

·        Minimum length: 1000 words.

·        Format: typed, double-spaced, with 1” margins, 12 pt. Times font, left justified.

·        Write your paper in Standard American English with proper grammar, spelling, and mechanics. (10%)

·        Parenthetical citations for quotes and paraphrases must follow MLA style.

·        Include the following in the upper right hand side of the first page: your name; a title for your paper; the number of words in your paper; the name, number, section and time of your class; and your professor’s name.

·        Number each page, centering the page number at the bottom of the page.